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There are hundreds of grammar rules but the basic ones refer to sentence structure and parts of speech, which are noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition and conjunctions. Grammar is very important because it helps enhance accuracy. Grammar rules can help learners develop habit of thinking logically and clearly and will become more accurate when using language.

How does  Grammar work?

By teaching key essential grammar rules, it helps children bring diversity to their writing and improve their spelling in a structured way.

Jolly Grammar teaches a wide range of language forms including the parts of speech, plurals, punctuation, and the tenses past, present, and future. It also teaches a wide range of spelling rules, including defining aspects such as the short vowels.

Areas of Spelling Covered:

  • Vowel digraphs
  • Alternative spellings of vowel sounds
  • Plural endings
  • Silent Letters
  • Short vowels and consonant doubling
  • Tricky words
  • Spelling Rules
  • Consonant blends

There are lots of different aspects to English grammar, and each is as important as the last. It is English grammar that will allow you to be a better communicator, listener, thinker, reader and writer. Having a knowledgeable understanding of grammar will let you have a potentially rewarding career in many fields of work.

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